Dork Jar Official Rules & Guidelines

Dork Jar Official Rules & Guidelines


Offenses automatically eligible for dork fines:


         Any reference to Star Wars or Star Trek, or any of their variations/spin-offs


         Any reference to comic book characters or storylines


         Any reference to Harry Potter books/movies


         Any reference to vampire books/movies/tv series


         Any reference to Lord of the Rings or any other Tolkien book/movie


         Any reference to role-playing games, LAN parties, or MMORPG (like World of Warcraft, etc.)


         Any reference to general science-fiction, especially that found on the Syfy channel (BattlestarGalatica, Stargate, etc.)

         Other dorky behaviors, statements or actions not listed here may fined on an case-by-case basis.




Exemptions from dork fines (-or- Actions that are not to be confused with dorkiness, people!)


         The "Jeopardy" loophole - when watching the television show "Jeopardy," all fines are suspended. You may freely share whatever answers you have, regardless of the topic, without fear of dork fines.

o        Exception to the Jeopardy loophole occurs when someone pauses Jeopardy during playback to elaborate (unnecessarily) upon an answer. If this occurs, protection from fines is suspended and the dork fine may be freely levied.

         "Geek-Speak" - technology related conversation, especially in areas of expertise that make you money.


         Pure science/true scientific fact - leave remarks related to Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and other hard sciences alone.

o        For clarity: We do not recognize "intelligent design" or other religious dogma masquerading as scientific fact. If "God" plays a role in your "science", it's no longer science.



General Rules:


         NO CHANGE GOES INTO THE DORK JAR. Only paper money applies, and there are no IOUs accepted. You may make change in your jar.


         No advance payments in order to freely expound dorkiness without fear of repercussions. This whole project is meant to reduce dorky behavior, and this circumvents the intent of the dork jar.


         Upon paying your fine, please write your offense on the bill itself. This way, upon redemption of the dork dollars, we can revisit individual offenses and laugh all over again.

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